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Call Us Today!
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Located in the Central Florida area, we serve residential and commercial customers within a 50-mile radius of the Greater Central Florida area. Cornerstone Pavers Inc. is open five days a week from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., and offers a comprehensive range of paving and other hardscaping services to prospective clients. Incorporated over a decade ago, Cornerstone Pavers Inc. has grown to become a fully fledged hardscaping service provider. We provide free estimates and our preferred modes of payment include cash and checks. Cornerstone Pavers Inc. provides a number of services in outdoor hardscaping including the following.
Bobcat Services
Our Bobcat services provide homeowners and contractors fast, efficient and affordable excavation and moving services including rough and finish grading, trenching and drilling for foundations as well as for retainer walls. Our Bobcat equipment can trench, split and take out concrete sidewalks, driveways, patios and foundations. In addition to this, we also remove swimming pools within limited-access areas of homes that may have a basement. Give us a call today if you need Bobcat services or if you are not sure whether your project requires Bobcat services.
Retaining Walls
Our retaining wall service allows you to enjoy your outdoor spaces in both a stylish and practical way. Utilizing the natural inclinations and slopes of your outdoor spaces, we produce awesome aesthetic works of art with freestanding and retaining walls that accentuate the beauty of the natural environment. The wide range of textures, colours and shapes that we have allow you to mash-up your own style and come up with unique works to bring out the striking beauty of previously unusable outdoor spaces. Our retaining and freestanding walls stand the test of time as they are built to withstand even the most adverse weather and environmental conditions.
Paver Sales and Installation
Our paving solutions are only limited by your creative imagination as you can create a one-of-a-kind outdoor space to be found nowhere else on the planet. Using a diverse collection of colours and textures, you have unlimited options to create scenic works of art in your outdoor areas that will complement and accentuate your beautiful landscaping while not negatively impacting the environment. Scenic walks, outdoor pool decks with spa-like appeal; you name it, our paving gives you unrivalled durability and flexibility as they can withstand the elements as well as wear and tear from traffic.
Power Wash and Sealing
Pavers and outdoor hardscape features sometimes become covered in dirt and other substances that mar the overall beauty of the area. Our power wash service gets rid of this grime using state-of-the-art power washing kits to get your areas looking clean and as good as new. This cleaning however may expose areas between your pavers and that is why we include a sealing service to go along with our power wash service. We use only the best polymeric jointing sand sealants to ensure that once we seal your pavers, you will not have to worry about them coming loose again. Our sealant service also comes standard on our paver installation service.
Service and Repair
In addition to all our installation services, we also offer regular repair and maintenance services for paving installations and other hardscape features. Offered either as a pay-per-task service or as an annual service and maintenance contract, we ensure that your outdoor spaces are checked, evaluated and repaired in order to make sure the aesthetic and safety features remain of the highest standards possible.
Our concrete installation service offers you the flexibility of including precast positive interlocking articulating concrete blocks to add to the beauty of the existing paving installation. Using multicoloured precast paving concrete blocks, we are able to create for you stunning works of art to enhance the beauty of your existing or new paving installation. Furthermore, our concrete installation is also useful in creating erosion proof waterscaping projects in order to deliver superior hydraulic and ecologically friendly effects for such projects that tend to have a significant environmental importance.

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